Call For Papers

The Call for Papers is open until the 15th May 2018.

Progscon 2017 is composed of 5 tracks about: Microservice, Reactive Programming, Cloud Service, Blockchain and Software Container. There is also a Bonus Track and some Lunch Talks. All sessions are 45min long (Except Lunch Talks – See below). The reference languages for this year will be Scala, Javascript, C#, Clojure, Kotlin and Ruby. We expect that  your sessions will be supported by one of these languages.

Lunch Talks are short talks during the Lunch Break. If you wish to talk only between 5 and 20min, try a new talk, pitch a project or do your first public speaking, this is for you.

What happens if your session is not matching the topics above? You should submit anyway, we have a Bonus track, the perfect place to talk about some IT things, an opensource project, a new language or anything you view as interesting for a software developer. If you have any questions, contact us before your submissions.

Why Talk at Progscon? Here are a few reasons: To share your knowledge, to promote your best ideas in computer science, to have a chance to be recorded by InfoQ, to have some nice shots done by a professional photographer, to be retweeted on twitter, to have your courses promoted for free, to have fun and mingle.

Please use this Submission Form to submit your talk or workshop.